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Swiss Chard and carrot medley

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Here's a side dish that we rather's more of a guide than a strict recipe.

From your basket:

Swiss chard (we used a full bunch)

Carrots, Sliced (you can use all or just a few depending on how much you want..we used 5)

Pesto (made from goodies in your basket. See the recipe for Basket Pesto) Or use store bought if you prefer.

You'll also need:

Leek x1, Sliced

Garlic cloves, Chopped (we used about 4 because we have no issue with garlic breath in our house but this is down to personal taste)

Goat cheese or feta

Olive oil/ butter

Salt and Pepper

Remove the leaves from the swiss chard and chop the stems into chunks.