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Carrot Top Chimichurri Recipe

Don't throw away those carrot tops, it turns out their crisp parsley-adjacent flavor is the perfect base for homemade chimichurri!

When I started receiving my farm share I was struck by bright, fresh greens on the tops of my carrots, something I've gotten so used to not seeing after years of supermarket vegetables. It seemed like a shame to waste them, so I started digging.

It turns out I was not alone! Pesto, salads, and smoothies were all suggested, but the one that caught my eye was the Carrot Top Chimichurri. Quick and easy to prepare, it lasts about a week covered in the fridge and it goes with EVERYTHING! Chicken, beef, pork and fish are the classics, but we enjoy it on roasted potatoes and veggies, tacos and nachos as well!